Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes

It's 10pm Christmas Eve and the grandbabies are all in bed asleep. They were so excited it took a while to get them to settle tonight :) They can't wait to see what Santa has brought them! Hopefully we won't be up at 5am tomorrow...they are normally very good and don't disturb us until about 7am. I have been banned from waking them any earlier...which I've been known to do on a number of Christmas mornings! :) I can't help being excited with them but have been informed by the rest of the family that 5.30 really is too early to get them out of bed :) Their mummy is wrapping the last minute things now that they are safely asleep.
Don't know what our Christmas dinner will be like tomorrow as they have all had gastro and haven't been able to eat much. It may be a quiet affair...maybe the first year I won't eat far too much!!!
This year I decided to do something different than the traditional Christmas cake so made little fruit cakes in muffin cases, iced them with royal icing and decorated them in red & green. Then I stacked them on the cupcake stand my niece gave me for my birthday this year. It looks cute in the middle of our table :) The little cakes are yum...had to try one when I made them to make sure they tasted okay!
Wishing everyone a peaceful and safe Christmas & New Year.

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Jana M. said...

mmmm yummy!!!!! Merry Christmas, Lynne!


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