Monday, June 3, 2013

Taking a break.............

Hello everyone....I made a momentous decision the other day to have a break from papercrafting. Yes, shocking I know!  I've had quite a stressful, difficult year so far and am feeling fairly wrung-out. On top of that my mojo has taken a BIG hike and I'm finding it hard to get inspired to make anything. It seems to have gone on an extended holiday :(  I don't need to be forcing myself to make things, so have decided to leave it all alone for a while, in the hope that my mojo will come back and I'll be inspired to create with paper again. I'm finding it very sad to think I might be gone for some time but am trying to be sensible about it!!  I love my blog and will miss my blog buddies. I'll come visit your blogs as I get the chance. You all do amazing things and I love seeing your beautiful creations.

I've stepped down from my design team at The Squirrel & The Fox. The girls there have been brilliant and very understanding. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with them and will miss being on the team. Thank you so much to Linda & Tracey for giving me the opportunity to be on your team.

I'm not sure when I'll be back on here.....could be next week, next month or next year!!  If inspiration hits and I make something, you'll see it here.

For now, I'm happily sewing doll's clothes for my little granddaughters' dolls, that I've bought them for their birthdays this year. I'm so happy to be sewing again as I have hardly touched my beautiful machine since finding papercraft. I'm thinking about starting a new blog, dedicated to the doll sewing. I think my granddaughters would like that :)  If I do that I'll come and post about it on here.

So, for now, 'bye to all my lovely friends and followers. You've enriched my life in ways you can't imagine! Thanks for your friendship and hope to be back soon to say hello.

Lynne xx


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