Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jake's Love Letter Bookplate

When I decided to be part of the hop I didn't realise the colours were pink & red. I had in mind what I would do as a project, and with Jake being a boy I didn't want to use those colours! So I made a card for the hop in the required colours and then made another project for Jake :)

So.....this is the bookplate I made for the inside cover of his baby album, that I scrapbooked for him. I wanted to use the colours I'd used on his front blue & navy...the pinks & reds would have looked a tad out of place!!! And I didn't want as much bling on this project. There is a little but not much! I used a glaze pen on the wings instead of glitter and used glitter pens for the hearts.


Patricia St Martin said...

Later in life I am sure he would not know of the one that had pink but I am sure he would like the one with the blue better at least he would not think why would my mom do a pink one for me!

Gina said...

I love this one too!

Anonymous said...

Just love this-you are a busy lady!

Michelle said...

Lynne, this is so beautiful and so creative!! Love the colors and your letter to Jake is perfect and something to cherish forever!! Thank you Lynne for your lovely entries for our hop!!:)




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