Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lindt Balls Treat Box I'm here to share a story about how wonderful the crafting community is and how it's so easy to make lovely new friends from all corners of the globe :)

I have a KNK 15" Maxx electronic die cutting machine...LOVE him...affectionately known as Mr Maxxie. Last year I discovered a brilliant software program called Make-The-Cut. I promptly bought's very reasonably priced and does amazing things!...and joined the forum to learn how to use it, as well as using the tutorials. Unfortunately I don't have the time to dedicate to learning it thoroughly, so I'm just bumbling along, learning bits and pieces as I go. Everyone on the forum is supportive & encouraging and always ready to lend a hand if you get stuck....well...

The lovely Lysa (aka Rorysnonna) posted a gorgeous little treat box file that suits Hershey Nuggets. I loved the box but we can't access those sweets easily in Australia and I was having a hard time finding something that would I had the bright idea of contacting Lysa and asking if she'd consider adjusting the size to fit Lindt or Rocher balls. I was over the moon when she said yes...and promptly provided the said file for me! I explained I wanted to make these for the residents of the retirement village where I am manager. Each year we put on an afternoon tea or lunch before Christmas for them and since I've been there, I like to make a little treat box for each person as a Christmas gift. These are soooo perfect!

Me being me, I'm not very patient and as I didn't have any Rocher on hand I decided to see if I coud reduce the file to fit Lindt balls. That worked really well, so then I thought I'd have a go at reducing the width only, to fit 2 balls instead of 3...not as easy to achieve but I got there in the end. I asked Lysa's permission to post this...all the credit goes to her for the file. Her files are amazing, cut beautifully and are all FREE!!  Please go and visit her wonderful blog HERE and leave her some love...her work is gorgeous :)    (If you'd like the file for this box Lysa has it for free on her blog)

As Lysa pointed out in her blog post..."I am here in the States in Jersey and Lynne is over in Australia. WOW! We are oceans apart. But no way, no how, is a bit of water and geography going to stand between two crafty girls like us!"

Here's the gorgeous little box that Lysa created and I adjusted :)

And with the tag out:

And a few more I cut from papers in my stash:

These are SO quick & easy to assemble...3 little pieces of DS tape and away you go. Each end has a flap closure so the box can be opened without damaging it, to be reused if required.

I've been shopping today to buy a selection of Christmas papers so I can cut a stack of these. They would be brilliant for all sorts of occasions...Mother's Day, birthdays, thank you gifts, Easter (filled with little eggs), etc And they'd make fabulous teacher or work colleague gifts too.  I love the little hidden tag....lovely for a personal message :)  I'm also going to make some of these in plain CS, decorate with DP and add a coloured image. The possibilities are endless!! Lysa also has a version without the tag pocket...a plain top that can be decorated anyway you can see a sample she made on her blog.

So, not only have I gained a fabulous, versatile cutting file...for FREE!!...I've found a lovely new friend...albeit on the other side of the world lol  We may never meet in person but that won't stop us sharing our crafty endeavours :) YAY for the wonders of technology! I just hope I can make files as well as Lysa some day!

Okay, I'm off to cut some of that delicious Christmas paper I bought today into treat boxes...and fill with yummy chocolates. Let's hope I don't indulge in too many while I'm packing them lol

Thanks for looking........have a wonderful day :)


Mary J said...

What a great idea, Lynne - these are fab!

Penny said...

Such a great idea, Lynne! Love the result! And, go ahead, eat as many as you want--I'll never tell! LOL! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Dawn @ LilyPinkScraps said...

Wow, you have been busy Lynne! Another great idea and so beautifully put together :)


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